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Commercial Buyers Agents


Commercial & Industrial Buyer Agents - Representing the Buyer, not the Vendor.

Utilising our extensive experience and research we with buyer's to strategise, source, select and ultimately secure the best quality commercial, retail, industrial and specialised assets locally and across Australia.

At HRB & Co, our Qualified Property Investment Advisor's and Commercial Buyer Agents work closely with investors and owner occupiers to secure the highest quality commercial, retail, industrial and specialised assets locally and across Australia. 

Our Qualified Property Investment Advisor’s provide a researched and data-based advice model to devise your personalised property acquisition strategy whether it for your business accommodation needs or investment purposes as an end-to-end service. By having a clear idea of your objective and planning how to achieve it, our commercial buyers’ agents provide a lower risk and more successful acquisition procedure.


When working with our Qualified Property Investment Advisor's and Commercial Buyer Agents, our full end to end acquisition service includes:

Strategy Phase

From our initial consultation we provide researched and data based advice to devise your personalised property acquisition strategy.


Due diligence and reporting

We undertake thorough investigations into the properties we're considering. This consultation will include comparable sale and rental benchmarking, risk analysis, financial, legal, technical, planning, and other asset-specific due diligence to minimise risk through the acquisition process. We provide a comprehensive property report and due diligence package.

Sourcing Phase

Extensive and ongoing liaison with estate agents, private owners, developers, and other parties to obtain access to off-market and pre-market opportunities and publicly available, on-market opportunities.
All investment opportunities must pass our proprietary investment grading and risk analysis criteria.

Negotiation and contract exchange

Our commercial property buyer agent’s draw upon our years of experience to negotiate the best commercial terms for our clients, acting as your representative throughout. We will continue to liaise with your solicitor and other appointed consultants to ensure a smooth exchange process.

Site analysis and inspections

We save your time and undertake the necessary due diligence.

We attend the property on your behalf and if the opportunity is meeting our agreed strategy we will arrange for a private inspection.

Post transaction services

Our service doesn't end at settlement.


We aim to develop long term relationships with all our clients and offer a variety of post settlement and ongoing services to ensure your investment and property strategy remain on track.

"As commercial & industrial property transactions can be highly complex, our expert knowledge and buyer advocacy experience are critical in both risk mitigation and creating the framework for successful investment returns."

Why Use Our Commercial Property Buyers Agent Services?

We believe what sets us apart from other commercial buyers’ agents in Australia is our independent research, the breadth of our experience and key working relationships with agents, property experts and tenants across Australia.


These attributes have put us on the map as one of Australia’s leading commercial and industrial property buyers’ agents and property advisory groups.


Our Qualified Property Investment Advisor teams (QPIA) and Commercial Buyers' Agents provide:

  • Researched and data driven advice

  • Off-market and Pre-market acquisition opportunities for our investor and owner-occupier clients.

  • Optimal asset selection, pricing and terms to provide long-term cost savings,

  • Thorough Due Diligence processes to mitigate risk

  • Significant time savings.

If you’re looking for reliable guidance on your next commercial property acquisition, get in touch with our team to help you along the way.

"We regularly come across off market commercial  property deals and we secure these properties before other buyers have even heard about them.


HRB & CO’s Commercial Buyer Agent's have extensive experience in the following asset classes across Australia:

  • Commercial, Retail & Industrial;

  • Subdivision and development land;

  • Shopping Centres / Large Format Retail / Supermarkets;

  • Large industrial complexes, food production, logistics & distribution centres;

  • Health Care facilities – Medical centres, aged care facilities, allied health,

  • Child Care centres;

  • Hotels / Motels / Pubs;

  • Service Stations.

  • Fast Food

  • Self Storage Facilities

We believe that this experience allows us to identify and quantify all of the options available, and then analyse each more accurately before acquiring only the highest quality assets.​

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