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COMING SOON.......Our property syndications will be dedicated to helping sophisticated investors grow and diversify their portfolio through commercial property funds.

Our property syndications will be designed to assist sophisticated investors in expanding and diversifying their portfolios through commercial property funds. By participating in property syndication, investors can enjoy the advantages of portfolio diversification, high return potential, set-and-forget investment, and a lower entry barrier to the real estate market. 

Advantages of Investing in a Property Syndicate

Syndicates for property investment purposes offer numerous advantages to investors. Explore below to learn more about how a property syndicate could benefit you.

Investment Criteria and Target Properties

HRB & CO's property syndications will primarily focus on acquiring well-located commercial properties in high-growth urban and suburban areas. Our target investments will include retail, industrial, and office properties that exhibit strong occupancy rates, stable tenant profiles, and the potential for long-term capital appreciation.


We apply a rigorous investment selection process, considering factors such as property condition, tenant mix, geographic diversification, and market fundamentals to ensure the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Investment Process and Structure


Investors interested in participating in HRB & CO's property syndications can expect a straightforward and transparent investment process. The typical structure involves the formation of a dedicated investment vehicle, such as a managed investment scheme or a limited partnership, which will hold the underlying properties.


The minimum investment amount is set, and we offer various investment tiers to accommodate the needs of both individual and institutional investors. HRB & CO's experienced syndicate management team will be responsible for all aspects of property acquisition, financing, management, and eventual disposition.


Track Record and Expertise


HRB & CO has a proven track record in commercial real estate investment and property syndication. Our team of industry veterans has collectively overseen the acquisition and management of a significant amount in commercial real estate assets across Australia.


Our property syndication projects have delivered consistent, above-market returns to our investors, with a focus on preserving capital and minimizing risk. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading advisory firms in the commercial property sector, with numerous industry accolades and certifications.


Investment Timeline and Exit Strategies


Typical investment horizons for HRB & CO's property syndications range from 5 to 7 years. During this period, investors will receive regular distributions from the rental income generated by the portfolio properties.


At the end of the investment term, we will explore various exit strategies, including the sale of the underlying properties, refinancing, or offering investors the opportunity to continue their participation in the syndicate. Our goal is to maximize returns and provide our investors with flexible options to align with their investment objectives.


Regulatory Compliance and Risk Factors


HRB & CO's property syndications are structured to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Investors will receive comprehensive disclosure documents outlining the investment risks, as well as the measures we have implemented to mitigate these risks.


While commercial real estate investments inherently carry some level of risk, our stringent due diligence and risk management processes are designed to protect the interests of our investors. We encourage all prospective investors to carefully review the disclosure materials and seek independent financial advice before committing to any of our syndication opportunities.


Contact Us


To learn more about HRB & CO's property syndication services and explore investment opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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